Unx Universe Documentation

You can quickly create PDF documentation of a Unx universe from IDT (Information Design Tool). But PDF is not good if you need to analyze universe in some way. For this purpose, it is better to have Unx metadata in Excel spreadsheet. You can use Biclever Unx Documenter (UnxDoc) to extract Unx information to Excel spreadsheet. In this post we will describe both ways of documenting Unx universe.

Creating PDF documentation from IDT

You can create separate PDFs for business layer, data foundation, and connection.

Open IDT and login.

Retrieve Unx universe to IDT.

Right click on the item you want to document (for instance, business layer), and select Save as.

Creating PDF documentation of UNX in IDT

After this, you will be able to select the destination and metadata elements to be exported:

Selection of elements for PDF documentation of UNX in IDT

The documentation looks good and ready for printing. If you need to create some documentation of your universes quickly, this is the easiest way.

PDF documentation of UNX created in IDT

However if you need to use the documentation for any practical purpose, you will need a more structured format.

Creating XLSX documentation using Biclever Unx Documenter

Download Biclever Unx Documenter from Software > Unx Documenter. Unpack it to a preferred folder. Check if you have Semantic Layer SDK enabled.

Start the tool using unxdoc.bat and log in.

Select a universe

Click Process and then Export result. Select destination XLSX file.

The universe metadata will be exported to Excel spreadsheet. Now you can easily filter, search and analyze the information in Excel.

6 thoughts on “Unx Universe Documentation”

  1. This seems a pretty good tool, but I’m not getting as per the PDF instruction or screen shots provided. It looks like it is working the way it should after the installation but it does not pull my universe. This is what I’m doing:
    1. Opened up unxdoc.bat tool
    2. Entered my CMS information with Administrator account and password
    3. Got logged in
    4. Showed Universes folder, but does not show my universe/s.
    5. Refreshed, double clicked the universe folder, logged off and logged back-in but still does not show any of my universe.

    Any suggestion?

  2. few more details on my issue:
    I’m using Windows 10 64bit. My SAP BI is installed in default location so no change needed there. I followed the PDF instructions again and re-did all steps but still no luck of getting my Universe. Here is my BI installation location:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0

  3. Hello,
    Please disregard my previous comments. I was using UNX documenter to fetch UNV data. I’ve downloaded UNV documenter. Now, everything is working like a charm.
    Thanks for creating this helpful tool.

  4. I am always getting below error when try to process a published unx univesre from the tool.

    “connection name”.cns (not able to find the path for specified objects”).

    Can you please help.

    seems searching for a local connection for unx universe ..

  5. Hi,
    Able to login and select universe in unx documenter. But getting error while process.
    org.eclipse.emf.commom.util.BasicIndexOutOfBoundsException: index=0, size=0

    at org.eclipse.emf.commom.util.BasicEList.get(BadicEList.java:535)
    And some more errors while processing LOV.

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