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  1. How can I use the option – container?

    I am doing somenthing like this:

    cmsquery-cmd.bat -username "Administrator" -auth "secEnterprise" -server "localhost" -password "" -sql "SELECT TOP 5000 si_name, si_starttime, si_parent_cuid FROM CI_INFOOBJECTS WHERE si_instance=1 and si_schedule_status=3 AND SI_ANCESTOR=154721 AND SI_NAME not like '%scope%' AND SI_NAME not like '%:%' AND SI_NAME not like '%LOG%' ORDER BY SI_STARTTIME" -containers "yes" -columns "si_name, si_starttime, SI_STATUSINFO, si_parent_cuid" -selectedonly "yes" -csv "C:\Users\sapadmusr\Google Drive\Oficina de Gestión de Información\BI\Bases de Información\Falladas2.csv"

    The goal is to extract the information of the error in an instance.

    • Hi Jesus,

      You need to correct the -columns option from

      The option -columns should provide a list of columns of the table that you want to keep in the result. SI_STATUSINFO is a container but there will be no column with the name SI_STATUSINFO in the table.

      But I think it makes sense to make possible to select all columns corresponding to a container with the command that you use. We will add this in the next version. Many thanks for your question!

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