Unx Documenter

Unx Universe Documenter (UnxDoc) is a tool for extracting UNX universe metadata to an excel spreadsheet. The tool allows extracting details about objects, tables, joins, list of values, parameters, contexts, navigation paths, and incompatibilities.

You need to have SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 Client Tools with Semantic Layer Java SDK and Data Security and Access.


UnxDoc End-User License Agreement


Unx Documenter for BO 4.2, BO 4.1 SP6+ (unxdoc-bo4x-1.7-20190305.zip)

Unx Documenter for BO 4.1 SP3-SP5 (unxdoc-bo41sp3-1.7-20190305.zip)

Unx Documenter for BO 4.1 SP1-SP2 (unxdoc-bo41sp1-1.7-20190305.zip)

Unx Documenter Installation and User Guide (unxdoc.pdf)

Example (eFashion.xlsx)



Useful Information:

How to enable semantic layer SDK

Error when running UnxDoc on BO 4.1 SP7


UnxDoc Login

UnxDoc Universe Selection

UnxDoc Export Result