Transpose in CMS Query Builder. Working with Complex Properties in BO CMS Database.

In a standard database, each field of a row contains a single value. However, this is not the case for BO CMS (Business Objects Central Management Server) database. A property in BO CMS can have a quite complex structure. For example, consider the SI_DSL_UNIVERSE property for Web Intelligence documents that indicates what Unx universes are used by the document.

SELECT si_name, si_universe, si_dsl_universe
FROM ci_infoobjects
WHERE si_kind = 'Webi'
AND si_instance = 0
AND si_name = 'Customer Profitability Comparison, by Customer'

The result in the SAP BO Query Builder will look like this:

Query Builder Result

When exporting metadata for such an object using “Include containers” in Biclever CMS Query Builder, it will create a single row, and the fields for the property will be SI_DSL_UNIVERSE.1, SI_DSL_UNIVERSE.2, SI_DSL_UNIVERSE.3, SI_DSL_UNIVERSE.SI_TOTAL.

Exported Metadata

The wide format of this data is sometimes inconvenient. To address this, you can use the “Transpose” operation, which will create a row for each value of each array.

Transposed Data