Tools Designed to Assist You

Elevate the quality of your analytics, accelerate your development processes, and streamline maintenance tasks of solutions built on SAP Business Objects.

Unx Documenter

The tool facilitates the extraction of UNX universe metadata into an Excel spreadsheet and enables easy identification of differences between universes for streamlined analysis and documentation.

Unv Documenter

The tool allows extracting Unv universe metadata to Excel spreadsheet. You can also use it to find differences between universes.

CMS Query Builder

The tool allows to build and run queries against CMS system database and export the result to Excel.

Impact Analysis

The tool that identifies what universes can be impacted by a database change, and what reports can be impacted by a universe change.

Webi Master

The tool automates various modifications of Webi documents.

Security Exporter

The tool allows extracting access rights to an Excel.