Documenting Unx Universes: PDF vs. Excel

You can create documentation for a Unx universe in two ways: as a PDF or in an Excel spreadsheet. Here, we’ll describe both methods.

Creating PDF Documentation from IDT (Information Design Tool)

  1. Open IDT and log in.
  2. Retrieve the Unx universe in IDT.
  3. Right-click on the item you want to document (e.g., business layer) and select “Save as.”

    Creating PDF documentation of UNX in IDT

  4. You can now select the destination and metadata elements to be exported.

    Selection of elements for PDF documentation of UNX in IDT

    PDF documentation of UNX created in IDT

    This method is suitable for quickly generating printable documentation. However, if you need structured documentation for practical purposes, consider the following method.

Creating XLSX Documentation using Biclever Unx Documenter

  1. Download Biclever Unx Documenter and unpack it to a preferred folder. Ensure you have Semantic Layer SDK enabled.
  2. Start the tool using unxdoc.bat and log in.

    Biclever Unx Documenter

  3. Select a universe.

    Selecting a universe

  4. Click “Process” and then “Export result.” Choose a destination XLSX file.

    Exporting result to XLSX

    The universe metadata will be exported to an Excel spreadsheet, allowing for easy filtering, searching, and analysis.

    Excel spreadsheet with Unx universe metadata